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  • Women’s Summer Bible Study

    Women’s Summer Bible Study

    Orchard Women’s Ministry

    Summer Bible Study

    July 1 – August 13

    Join us Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 as we gather in a different home each week to study Bible passages where Jesus visited various homes.

  • Women’s Fall Bible Study

    Women’s Fall Bible Study


    Jesus said: Anyone who is thirsty, come to Me.

    All women are welcome to join us to study The Book of John.

  • The Just Church

    The Just Church

    Come join a group of people who will be discussing the book The Just Church by Jim Martin, vice president of church mobilization for The International Justice Mission. The text invites us to follow the God of Justice into some of the most fertile ground for discipleship and to revive our own soul through renewed faith and a deeper experience of God.

  • Women’s Retreat 2015 – Save the Date!

    Women’s Retreat 2015 – Save the Date!

    Through every stage of our lives as women in the world, we aim to live as followers of Jesus in a way that brings honor to God, in a way that is satisfying, and in a way that is (we hope) a little fun. How can our faith influence our physical, spiritual, and social lives throughout our lives?

  • God’s Heart for World Justice

    On May 24th at 7:00 pm in Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, Jocelyn White, Director of Church Mobilization (West Coast), will be sharing stories of God’s miraculous rescues, His heart for justice, and His victories in a darkened world. Jocelyn White is an advocate and acclaimed speaker for the International Justice Mission.

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