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Sunday Morning Parents Fellowship Group

The following classes are open to adults of all ages and high school students. whether you are new in your faith or have been walking with Jesus for a long time. If you have questions about these classes please contact Wes Haystead (

9 am 

Men’s Fellowship Group

This is a great time to come together as men, learn about the Bible and walk together in Faith. This group meets in the Farmhouse and is facilitated by Gabe Gonzales and Nagi Basta.

Parent’s Fellowship Group

Join us as we walk through the book of Acts. This group meets in the Library.

10:30 am

Foundations of Theology

10:30 am in the Library – April 23 through June 18


Princess Bride announcement, but it is an invitation to participate in a nine-week exploration of the incomprehensible – Foundations of Theology, that is. Video series presentation by R.C. Sproul, challenging us to think seriously about what we believe. Dr. Sproul contends that, while we humans are limited in our ability to comprehend the infinite, there are aspects of God’s nature and character that have been revealed. And it is up to us to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the implications that have for how we live in this world. So, come prepared to be challenged and to be encouraged at 10:30 each Sunday morning from April 23 through June 18.