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Children's Ministries




Children’s Ministries

Welcome Children and Parents!

We invite you to experience everything our Children’s Ministry has to offer your family. At Orchard Community Church, children experience authentic worship, hear sound Biblical instruction and make connections with adult leaders and other children. Children also learn practical ways to apply the truths of the stories to their everyday lives. Because we believe their spiritual education does not end when they leave the classroom, children receive take-home devotional materials related to what they have learned in class. The hope is that these resources will be of great assistance in helping YOU guide your children on their spiritual journey.

Children Pointing to GodOur Core Values

We are a community that is committed to providing a safe and loving environment that:

  • Plants the seed of faith in Jesus;
  • Challenges and grows kid’s faith;
  • Let’s kids know that they are a part of the church body and that OrchardCommunityChurch is their church as well;
  • Walks alongside parents, giving them the tools they need to be the primary spiritual nurturers in their child’s life;
  • Instills the value of going to church weekly;
  • Develops relationships between the adult leaders and their peers.

The Children’s Ministry Team

Melinda Hoyt—Director of Children’s Ministries
Annette Walters –Sonshine Preschool Director
Lisa Bondy –Children’s Ministry Committee Chair
Wes Haystead –Elder of Children’s Ministry