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Compassion Ministries

Here at Orchard, we are committed to both global & local mission outreach. We support various missionaries overseas in addition to serving the needy in our community. Orchard strives to encourage, teach, develop, financially support, and pray for disciples to spread God’s Word.

Orchard is charged with establishing ministries in support of “the widow, the orphan” and the “least of these brothers of mine”. Our endeavor is to find ministries and opportunities to serve that are closely aligned with our Lord’s mandate to serve those in the deepest need.

Our Elders of Missions are Randy Ringen and LuAnn Smith.

Local Outreach:

  • Project Understanding

Homelessness Support – Provides housing, food, and assistance to the homeless of our community.

Tutoring Center – The tutoring center is located at Orchard Community Church. Here you’ll find loving and caring volunteers help elementary school children with math, reading, and writing. Currently, we have a waiting list of students needing tutoring. If you have one hour, once a week please contact Betty Whitney to become a tutor! (805) 647-3757 ext 16

Community Christmas Shoppe: An opportunity to minister Christ’s love to under-resourced families in tangible and life-impacting ways: tangible, through receiving gifts and experiencing the family-oriented event; life-impacting, through the contact, care, and compassion guests experience by Shoppe volunteers.

  • Young Life – The mission of Young Life is to, “introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.” Contact Dave Afman (647-1575) for more information.
  • River Haven – Every month a group of volunteers cooks and serves dinner to residents of River Haven, a tent city in Oxnard.  We go on the third Monday of each month, rain or shine. If you are interested in helping serve our friends at River Haven contact the church office and we will get you connected with Julie Box.
  • Cabrillo Village –  Simon Rodriguez is coordinating our outreach to Cabrillo Village (Hispanic community at the east end of Ventura).  We are involved with tutoring and special events.
  • Homeless Prevention Fund – Identifying one-time needs to keep recipients in their current housing for 6+ months.
  • Habitat for Humanity – One Day Build – Date and Time to be announced!
  • Winter Shelter Support – Providing financial support, a team of volunteers who provide night supervision at the shelter and the donation of Breakfast in a Bag for those who stay.
  • Forever Found – Providing support for homeless youth that are being trafficked
  • Prison Ministry – Providing support for those who have recently been released.

Global Outreach:

  • IMPACT, a Santa Barbara Presbytery short-term missions organization.  Participation will increase your faith and understanding of God’s work here and abroad. 2018 Trips are listed on their website:
  • Lifewater International, bringing safe water and hygiene/sanitation to the rural poor.Website:

 Nita Hansen, ministering in war-torn Ukraine, wrote “Do we when we are faced with conflict, seek Jesus to find out what He would do?  Or do we jump into the fray, holding onto our “rights” and take sides?  The enemy feeds on division.  God does great things when we come together “in one accord”.  Pray for her work disciplining her Ukrainian staff in the ways of Jesus, and for peace.

  • VIATA Program uses adventure education to promote positive values of self-confidence and teamwork among youth. IN VIATA Camp youth are stimulated to learn practical skills about life and to adopt positive values and behaviors.

Dana and Brandi Bates continue to run the VIATA/IMPACT programs in Romania.  VIATA is an outdoor adventure camp teaching practical lessons about life such as self-confidence, trust, communication, defining success, problem-solving, and perseverance.  IMPACT consists of a network of Community Initiative Clubs for Youth and is a powerful vehicle of social change.

  • New Growth Development Corp in India. NGDC believes a transformed community is the result of many transformed lives, each one impacting his own community for good. NGDC, therefore, provides tools for individuals to grow in educational, economic and spiritual strength, so that having the strength they may offer assistance to others.  NGDC operates in both urban and rural Indian environments, assisting people to lead transformed lives.

Jack DeVries, working in India, wrote  “I’m not sure that God’s will or His glory drive many of my decisions. Sacrifice is pretty far down the list too. Prayer does not occupy large chunks of my time, and far from being completely dependent on the Father, I’m pretty confident about my own abilities. So, if you are anything like me, how can we announce the good news of this kingdom that we visit so rarely? And is it good news at all if we ourselves choose to live away from it so often?”  Neepa (DeVries) added: “We also see an increasingly hostile attitude by certain political groups towards Christians and Muslims and we believe that the church will begin to experience quite a shaking in the days to come.  Intellectually, I can appreciate that it is the fire that strengthens our faith and burns away inessentials, but I fear for my brothers and sisters who are not prepared for what is around the corner for us.”