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Faith that Changes Things



June 15:  “Refreshing Faith” (What Philemon had) Philemon 1-7

Paul describes Philemon as a man of faith who “refreshed the hearts of the saints.” May we follow his example and seek to be people with a faith that refreshes others.

June 22: “Spiritual DNA” (Break in series for VBS Sunday) John 14:1-7

Science can teach us lots of important things, but only God has a plan for our life here and now and for eternity.

June 29:  “Life Changing Faith” (What Onesimus experienced) Philemon 8-16

Onesimus was a man whose life was radically changed by his coming to faith in Jesus. May we experience and share that kind of life changing faith.

July 6: “World Changing Faith” (What Paul Practiced) Philemon 17-25

Paul practiced a powerful kind of faith that led him to seek change in the world around him. May we practice that same kind of faith and be led to seek change in our world.

Matt Hoyt Preaching
Message by: Matt Hoyt