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The Story of the Christian Bible

The story of the Christian Bible

A Sunday morning class: The Story of the Christian Bible

Paul and Yvon Prehn

What history teaches us about the reliability of the Bible,how we got our Bible, and why it’s important for us to learn it well if we want to live and share the Christian faith, taught by Paul & Yvon Prehn.

 Do you ever wonder?

  • Is the Christian Bible really different than the Koran, the Upanishads, the book of Mormon, or any other religious text?
  • Don’t all their followers consider their books divinely inspired and true? Don’t they all say the same things at their core?
  • What makes the Bible unique?
  • Wasn’t the Old Testament written so long ago that we can’t be certain what it said? Didn’t the centuries of copying change it?
  • Why do the Catholics have more books than Protestant Bibles do and aren’t we missing part of God’s Word without them?
  • Aren’t there other gospels than the four we have, including the Gospel of Thomas, that the early church suppressed?
  • Can you really trust the Bible as a guide for present living and eternal salvation? Or is it simply a helpful book filled with good suggestions?


Who is the class for? Anyone interested in finding out more about how we got our Bible, its history, what makes it unique, and why we can trust it as a guide for exploring the Christian faith and our guide for how to live it. It’s for people who are exploring the faith as well as long-time church members, so invite your friends!
Resources: Handouts, videos, links, and additional resources will be given.
Dates: September 21— October 26
Time: 10:30 —11:45
Location: The Library, Orchard Church, 8180 Telephone Rd. Ventura, CA 93004
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Lesson 1 - Usefulness of History to confirm the reliability of the Bible

Lesson 1 – Usefulness of History to confirm the reliability of the Bible