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Letters to the Romans


Why study Romans?  The Apostle Paul was hindered from visiting the Church in Rome, he wrote to them to present the great truths of the gospel of the Messiah. This teaching was foundational for the early Church.  In it, he ties the law, and the Old Testament, to the New Covenant.  He explains the place of Israel in the past, but more importantly, still in the future.  He talks about the Church, those who have never heard the gospel, faith, justification, prayer, and how great power is available to those who believe, and so much more.  Think of Romans as a “case” presented in court, by a master teacher, one truth leading to the next.  We will spend 9 weeks covering the 16 Chapters of Romans.
Class 1:  Romans 1:1-17  Introduction
Class 2:  Romans 1:17- Romans 4
Class 3:  Romans 5,6,7
Class 4:  Romans 8: 1-16
Class 5:  Romans 8: 17-39
Class 6:  Romans 9,10,11
Class 7: Romans 12
Class 8:  Romans 13
Class 9:   Romans 14, 15, 16