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A Way of Life

Series for Lent 2015

Feb 18 - “Believe it or Not” (Everybody Worships)

Acts 17:16-34
Everyone worships something whether they know it or not. We need to choose to worship the one true God.
Ash Wednesday

Feb 22 - “By Design” (Made to Worship)

Colossians 1:15-23 & Ephesians 1:3-14

We were made for more than this life and we have a sense of that because He made us and made us to worship Him.

Mar 01 - “A Way of Life” (Life as Worship)

Romans 12:1-8

When we live our lives for God, all of life becomes worship.

Mar 08 - “Losing Your Way” (An Unworshipful Life)

Amos 5:21-24, Matthew 15:1-9, Matthew 5:22-24

When we are disobedient to God, our life does not become worship and it often disrupts our attempts to worship.

Mar 15 - “Worship In Action” (Service is Worship)

Psalm 102:21-22 & Romans 12:1

The scripture views worship and service as so intimately bound that we can say that service to God is worship.

Worship In Action – Today we take our Worship out of the building and serve those in our community. Click here to find our more information about this special day!

Mar 22 - “Heart to Heart” (Worship is Intimacy with God)

Acts 13:22, John. 4:23 & I Chronicles 16:7-36

Worship is about seeking after God’s heart with our hearts, it’s about intimacy with God.

Mar 29 - “The Proper Place” (Worshiping God as God)

Palm Sunday

Mark 11:1-11

On this one day of Jesus’ life, the crowds gave him the proper place in their lives. To properly worship God we must give him the proper place in our lives.

Apr 02 - “In Our Place” (Worshipping the Crucified Lord)

Maundy Thursday

We worship of God who died for us, a crucified Lord.

Apr 05 - “He is Risen!” (Worshiping the Risen Lord)

Easter Sunday

Matthew 28:1-10, 16

We worship a God who rose from the grave, conquering death and bringing us new life.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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