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Sermons in July

Jul 05 - Walking Dead

Ephesians 2:1-10

Pastor Matt Hoyt

In this passage, the Apostle Paul explains that before we know Jesus we are physically alive, but spiritually dead.  However, in Jesus, we are saved by grace and raised to new life to do good works.

Jul 12 - Walking in The Way

Matthew 7:13-14, John 14:4-6 and 1 John 1:6-7

Wes Haystead

The book of Acts tells us that the followers of Jesus were first called Christians in Antioch (11:26). Before that, they had evidently been referring to themselves as followers or people of “the Way” (9:1,2). There are a number of references to this in Acts and the Epistles. It is important for us to note that there is a difference between walking “in the way” (noun – referring to a place or path or direction) and walking “in the way” (verb – referring to the manner). We need to understand that when Jesus said, “I am the way,… (John 14), he was referring to both meanings. We need to understand how they apply to us: First, our position in Christ, and Second our manner of living.

Jul 19 - Come To Me

Matthew 11.28-30

Jason Clabaugh

When life gets busy and we feel tired or overwhelmed we try to find ways to release our burdens.  Too often we look in the wrong place or even take out that which truly will give us the rest we need.  Jesus tells us to come to him when we feel worn down and he will give us rest.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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