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Merry Christmas! Our Lord and Savoir is born! Come celebrate with us!

We offer 3 services on Christmas Eve:

4 pm – The Family Service is a perfect time to celebrate with the kids! Our Wednesday Kids Club kids will help to lead this service!  (Service time is approximately 45 minutes.)

7 pm – Contemporary Candlelight Service. This service is typical of our regular Sunday Worship here at Orchard. Come hear and celebrate the birth of Jesus (Service Time is approximately 1 hour.

8:30 pm – Classic Service with Communion and Candlelight. Come hear and celebrate the birth of Jesus (Service Time is approximately 1 hour.)

Christmas Eve Message from Pastor Matt Hoyt:
“Surprised by a Savior”

Luke 2:1-20 & Isaiah 7:14

The people of Israel should have seen it coming with all of the Old Testament prophecies foretelling the birth of a child who would be the Messiah/Savior, but it still surprised them. With all the Christmases we’ve seen, could Jesus, our amazing Savior, still surprise us this Christmas?