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Message Series - Surprised-By-Christmas-Slide

Surprised By Christmas

Nov 29 - Surprised by Hope

Luke 1:26-38 & Isaiah 40:3-5

Mary was surprised by an angel and the news that she would bear a child, the messiah who would bring us hope.

Dec 06 - Surprised by Peace

Luke 2:8-15 & Isaiah 9:6-7

The Shepherds were surprised by an angel with the news that the messiah had been born, the one who brings us peace.

Click here for more information about Otzi The Iceman; referenced by Pastor Matt in his sermon.

Dec 13 - Surprised by Love

Matthew 1:18-25 & Isaiah 16:5

Joseph was surprised by an angel and the news that he would have a son, the messiah who would bring us love.

Dec 20 - Surprised by Joy

Choir Sunday

Luke 2:8-14 & Isaiah 42:10-12

The Angels were not surprised, but they did announce the surprising news that the messiah had been born, the one who brings joy.

* No Podcast – Choir Sunday

Dec 24 - Surprised by a Savior

Christmas Eve Services

Luke 2:1-20 & Isaiah 7:14

The people of Israel should have seen it coming with all of the Old Testament prophecies that foretold the birth of a child who would be the Messiah/Savior, but it still surprised them.

With all the Christmases we’ve seen, could Jesus, our amazing Savior, still surprise us this Christmas?



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Dec 27 - Surprised by Faith

Testimony Sunday (One service @ 10:00)

Mark 5:18-20 & I Peter 3:15

This Sunday we will hear stories of faith and transformation from members of our church family.

Jan 03 - Surprised by Persistence

Matthew 2:1-11 & Micah 5:2          

The Magi were not surprise to find Jesus, but we are surprise that they did. We are surprised by the persistence they put into seeking him.  They are great examples for us as we live our lives a faith.

Epiphany Sunday

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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