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Story of Jesus - PI -The Early Years

Part I: The Early Years

Jan 15 - The Preseason

Mark 1:1-13  

Mark begins his Gospel by telling us that Jesus is the Son of God.  He then explains the background (the OT prophecy and ministry of John the Baptist) that leads up to Jesus’ coming and the events (his baptism and testing) that lead up to his public ministry.

Jan 22 - The Message,The Team and The Plan

Mark 1:14-20 

In these passages Jesus explains his message, “the Good News,” calls his first disciples and offers a brief outline of his plan.

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Jan 29 - Who Jesus Came For

Mark 2:13-17

With this passage Jesus explains that he has come not for the high and mighty or the supposed spiritual elite, but for sinners like you and me.

Feb 05 - Misunderstanding Him

Mark 3:20-34

With these passages we see that people misunderstood Jesus at times.  The world does not understand Jesus and we even misunderstand him sometimes too.  Putting our faith in Jesus is what helps us begin to fully understand him.

Feb 12 - Hitting the Jackpot

Mark 4:1-20                          

With this parable Jesus communicated the life changing power of the Gospel.

Feb 19 - A Message of Life

Mark 5:21-43                        

With this passage, we see that Jesus has the power to deal with even the biggest and messiest problems in our lives and that he doesn’t turn us away because of them.

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Feb 26 - A Message to be Shared

Mark 6:7-12                          

With this passage Jesus sends out the twelve, showing that the Good News is something we are called to share.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

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Story of Jesus - P2 - The Road to the Cross

Part II: The Road to the Cross

Mar 01 - A Sea Change

Ash Wednesday Service at 7 pm

Mark 6:45-56

In whom/what do we put our faith?  Where do were turn when we’re scared and life gets hard?  We need to learn to trust in Jesus not just in the hard times, but all the time. May we use the season of Lent to begin to do so, or to begin to do so in a new and /or deeper way as we walk thought he second half of the book of Mark as Jesus makes his way to the cross.

Mar 05 - Going Global

Mark 7:24-30            

With this passage Jesus travels outside of Israel and the global implications of the Gospel come into focus as we see the spectacular faith of a foreign woman that illustrates a world hungry for the Gospel.

Mar 12 - Revealed

Mark 8:27-9:1           

With these passages the disciples finally recognize Jesus for who he is, the Messiah, and at the same time Jesus shows them that he is not the kind of Messiah they expected.

Mar 19 - Verification and Authorization

Mark 9:2-13              

Having just fully realized who Jesus is, with this passage the disciples get another strong verification/reminder of his identity and a new call from God to “Listen to [Jesus]!”

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Mar 26 - Imperfect Faith

Mark 9:14-29                        

With this passage, we see that although we need to have faith, Jesus calls people with imperfect faith like you and me.

Due to the Women’s Retreat, there will be only one Service today @ 10:00 am

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Apr 02 - Humbly Serve

Mark 10:35-45          

With this passage, Jesus explains that those who follow him are to humbly serve others.

Apr 09 - A Moment in the Sun

Palm Sunday

Mark 11:1-11            

This passage offers us a glimpse at the one day in Jesus’ life when the masses actually seemed to understand who he was and embrace him.

Apr 13 - The Final Hours

Maundy Thursday Service at 7 pm

Mark 14-15               

This service will trace the final hours of Jesus’ life, from the last supper to his death on the cross, all in preparation for the celebration or His resurrection on Easter morning.

Apr 16 - He is Risen!

Easter Sunday

Mark 16:1-8              

Gist: This passage tells the story of the resurrection of Jesus. It proclaims and calls out to us to share the Good News that Jesus is risen!