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Faithful (1 Timothy)

God is. Are We?

That God is faithful is a key theme of the Bible. The bigger question of the faithfulness equation is whether or not we will be faithful as individuals and as a church. 1 Timothy is a letter from the Apostle Paul to the young pastor, Timothy, which addresses many such questions of faithfulness.


Aug 27 - Wise Faith

Timothy 1:1-11

Faithfulness to God means practicing a wise faith that stays focused on sound biblical teaching and isn’t distracted by things like bad theology, trivialities, and controversial speculation.

Sep 03 - Grace by Faith

Timothy 1:12-20

Faithfulness to God means trusting God’s promise that we are saved by grace.

Sep 10 - Faithful Worship

Timothy 2:1-15

Faithfulness to God means seeking to have worship that honors God and does not fall prey to disorderliness, the issues and disagreements of the day, or poor conduct.

Sep 17 - Faithful Leadership

Timothy 3:1-16

A faithful church is led by those who conduct themselves in a godly manner in accordance with scripture.  However, leaders are simply called to exemplify the Christian life that all believers are called to live.

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Oct 01 - Setting a Faithful Example

Timothy 4:1-16

Faithfulness to God means seeking to live in such a way that we set an example for others of what a solid life of faith looks like.

World Communion Sunday

*** Pastor Matt showed clips from the “I learned it by watching you!”, a large-scale United States anti-narcotics campaign by Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Launched in July 1987, the campaign used a televised public service announcement.

Oct 08 - Living our Faith

Timothy 5:1-6:2a

Faithfulness to God means faith that is lived, that shapes our actions and influences our decisions, particularly in the way we treat others.

Oct 15 - Faithful Finances

Timothy 6:2b-10

Faithfulness to God means having a relationship to, and dealing with, money and possessions in a faithful way.

Video Clip Pastor Matt uses to start today’s message. (

Oct 22 - Enduring Faith

Timothy 6:11-21

Faithfulness to God means holding on to our faith for the long haul through the ups and downs of life.  The faith of many people is derailed by the trials of life.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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