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Found Message Series 2018


Jan 14 - Found

Luke 15:1-7

Each of us experiences “lostness” and God seeks to find us and to grow us ever deeper into our “foundness.”

Jan 21 - Search Party

Luke 15:8-10

There is a world of people out there who have not yet been found and God calls us to join his search party.

Feb 04 - Losing Your Way

Luke 15:11-31

Sometimes we can get lost without leaving God or the church when our eyes become focused too intently on ourselves.

Feb 11 - Finding God Back

Matthew 13:44-45

We don’t find God on our own, we find God because He has first found us.  What we do is respond by “finding God back,” and what this looks like is making God the center of our lives.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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