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Detox - 2018 Lent Series

This has been one of the most negative and divisive years in our Nation’s recent history. I unfollowed more people on Facebook than I can even remember because I don’t need to hear that you love or hate Trump, Democrats, or Republicans seven times a day.

Lent has been called a time of spring cleaning for the souls and that rings truer this year than most. Lent is a time of reflection, often called a penitential season.


Feb 14 - Detox (Repentance)

Ash Wednesday Service – 7 pm

Psalm 51:1-2, 7 & Mark 1:14-45

Lent has long been understood as a time of spiritual cleansing and renewal, of detox, and this begins with repentance which is at the heart of Jesus’ message and is the theme of Ash Wednesday

Feb 18 - Don’t Be a Hater (Love)

Matthew 22:34-40, 5:43-49 & I John 2:9-11

We need to detox from hate and poor treatment of others and rededicate ourselves to being people who love.

Feb 25 - Why Are There So Many Stupid People (Humility)

Philippians 2:1-11, 1 Peter 5:5b & Proverbs 3:34

We need to detox from pride and rededicate ourselves to humility.

Mar 04 - Holding a Grudge (Forgiveness)

Matthew 6:9-15 & Colossians 3:13

We need to detox from our hardness of heart and rededicate ourselves to being people who both give and seek forgiveness.

Mar 11 - Living With Idiots (Honor / Respect)

Romans 12:10, 1 Peter 2:17 & Luke 6:27-36

We need to detox from incivility and rededicate ourselves to being people who honor and respect others.

Mar 18 - Letting it Fester (Positivity)

Matthew 5:21-22, Ephesians 4:26 & Philippians 4:4-9

We need to detox from anger and negativity and rededicate ourselves to being people who are focused on the positive in this life.

Mar 25 - Getting it Wrong (Peace / Misconceptions)

Palm Sunday

Luke 19:28-44

We need to detox from our misconceptions about Jesus and rededicate ourselves to trying to see the truth about who He is.


Mar 29 - Maundy Thursday Service

Join us at 7 pm for this special service!

The cross is the place where our ultimate detox takes place, where Jesus takes our sin upon himself by dying in our place and bringing us grace.

No podcast available for this service.  

Apr 01 - He is Risen! (Fear / Faith)

Easter Sunday

Matthew 28:1-10

We need to detox from fear and trust our lives to the risen Lord.


Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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