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Bible 805 - Adult Sunday School Class for 2019

Bible 805

Sunday Mornings at 10:30, Orchard Community Church Library.

Join us as we read through the Bible in chronological order.  It will change your Life! 

What reading (or listening) through the Bible in Chronological order will do for us…

We’ll understand the whole story of salvation as it unfolds.

For many of us, we only have bits and pieces of the story, but when you read it in chronological order you’ll see God’s extraordinary planning and working out of every detail over the centuries.

We see how God is truly the author of the entire Bible.

The Bible was written over 1600 years and yet it has one voice under all the voices and one clear theme—of God seeking, saving, and restoring his lost people.

It will help us understand the uniqueness of the Christian Bible.

No other religion has Scriptures written over a similar time period that are as internally consistent as the Christian Bible is. There are no other Scriptures that have historically verifiable prophecies that were fulfilled in verifiable historical settings as there are in the Bible. These are bold statements and you have to read the Bible in chronological order to see them.

It will grow our trust and confidence in our God.

The same God who mercifully clothed Adam and Eve after they sinned and promised them a Savior is the same God who formed Israel, guided, and disciplined it, and who from it brought his Son into the world and who lived, died, rose, and formed his church to carry his message of salvation and his return to restore all things. When you see that big picture and the sometimes difficult lives the Biblical characters lived in the midst of it, it can give you peace and trust to understand your part of the same great story, filled with hope and an assured glorious ending when daily trials threaten to undermine your faith.

Join us on Sunday Mornings at 10:30, Orchard Community Church Library for BIBLE 805, an overview, historical lesson and time for discussion and questions. YOU CAN JOIN US at ANY TIME! Come even if you don’t have a chance to read or listen to the passage–each lesson will make sense on its own. Questions? email:

More on the Class…

Reading Schedule – Through the Bible in Chronological Order  – (Podcast and tons of info from Yvon Prehn)

Sunday morning class will be taught by Paul and Yvon Prehn that will be both a lesson and discussion/interaction time on the Bible.

Though the overall plan will be to go through the Bible in chronological order during the year, the class will be structured into sections and individual classes so that you can jump in at any time. The class will be conducted in a way so that even if you don’t have time to read or listen to the passages, you’ll get an overview that will catch you up and share the history, main ideas, and answer key questions.

Join us in any way you’d like for the adventure of a lifetime as you get to know the Bible better than ever before!

Listen to the Bible—a new way to learn

By Yvon Prehn

How do you imagine the average Old Testament believer in God carried around all the scrolls needed to learn God’s commands? Or how did early New Testament believers study Paul’s challenges or learn about the life of Jesus? Did their have their own copies of his letters or the newly written gospels to study?

The answer to the above questions, though we seldom think about it, is that for most of church history, very few believers had access to the written Word of God. For them, their knowledge of the Word came from listening to it.

In the Old Testament, we read about the book of the law read to King Josiah and his court in 2 Kings 22, and of Ezra who:

 . . . .read from it [the book of the Law] facing the square before the Water Gate from early morning until midday, in the presence of the men and the women and those who could understand. And the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law (Ezra 8:3).

In Col. 4:16 Paul says “And when this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read before the church at Laodicea.”

Continuing through much of church history, people did not have personal Bibles but heard it read through systematically in the liturgy of the church.

Reading is wonderful, but this year, try something new

This year as we prepare to go through the Bible in Chronlogical order—TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Try listening to it!

If you haven’t gone through the Bible in this way, I strongly encourage you to try it. You’ll literally hear new things and understand it in a way you haven’t before.

Technology makes it very easy to do. Following are two ways (out of many); just go to these sites and download their app or listen online.

Both have both apps that you can use to listen on your desktop computer as well as on your mobile phone. You Version even has one for your Amazon Alexa or Echo and Google Assistant.

Though I read through the Bible every year—this year I’m going to try something new and try listening through it.

Whether you listen or read, the whole thing or only a section here or there, join us starting January 6 and every Sunday at 10:30 in the Library where Paul and Yvon Prehn will lead an overview and discussion of the Bible.

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