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The Road to Redemption - Message Series 2019

The Road to Redemption

The Road to Redemption - Message series based on the book of Ruth

Apr 28 - Wandering Off

Ruth 1:1-5, 13b, 20-21

Sometimes we wander into dark places where we can’t see any hope. Other times life may just lead us to those places. But however we get there, we need to remember that God is always at work and there is always hope, even when we can’t see it.

May 05 - Returning Home

Ruth 1:6-22

The more we move toward God, the more we’re able to live into and see the hope He holds for us and that He is indeed at work, although it may take some time.

May 12 - Moving Forward

Ruth 2:1-23

When life is hard, we need to keep moving forward trusting that God will provide even when we can’t see how and even though we don’t deserve it, knowing that our God is a God of grace and mercy.

May 19 - A Wrong Way and a Right Way

Ruth 3:1-18

As we seek to follow God we need to be careful not jump out in front of Him trying to blaze our own trial (Naomi) but seek to truly follow Him and do things His way (Boaz).

May 26 - The Road to Redemption

Ruth 4:1-13a

Motivated by love, Boaz pays the price to redeem Ruth, foreshadowing our redemption by Christ!

Jun 02 - The Road Ahead

Ruth 4:13-22

If we trust in God He gives us hope and a future.

Matt Hoyt Preaching

Message by: Matt Hoyt



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