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Significant Sacrifice 20212021 Significant Sacrifice 

Significant Sacrifice 2021 ran through the season of Lent! We raised $3,025 through the online donation and a total of $7,125 was collected at our in-person service, making this year’s total $10,150! The funds will go to help supply water and bring the gospel to about 156 people in the developing world. Roughly $65 is all it takes to supply fresh water for a lifetime. A frequent comment from villages helped by Lifewater is that they know God loves them because Lifewater showed them.

Join us in supporting Lifewater International and transforming lives forever!

In these trying times, it’s good to think about something positive. Orchard Community Church will again be collecting donations for Significant Sacrifice which directly supports Lifewater’s efforts to be the hands and feet of Jesus by bringing clean water, improved health, and the hope of the gospel to families living in extreme poverty.

Last year, Orchard’s Significant Sacrifice donations supported the village of Duwancho Anidi, Ethiopia. Working with Lifewater, Duwancho Anidi is now a certified Healthy Village, which means the safe water source is complete and more than 90% of the community’s homes are healthy. That is a new future for 309 children and families, including Marta’s.

Marta: Clean Water, New Life

Marta doesn’t know how she ever made the many hours journey to the river each day to gather water. The water was heavy in her arms, and it tasted foul.

Marta, her husband, Tamiru, and their two children now drink safe water from a Lifewater well. They have more time to work, and together, they’ve saved enough to purchase a motorcycle to help them get around and sell their produce to nearby communities.

“We are lucky to have safe water in our vicinity and we never waste time collecting from the river,” Marta said.

The children are healthy now. They go to school with clean clothes, and they are happier.

“My home is filled with pleasure because my children are healthy,” Marta said.

The family is overjoyed with their new water source. They laughed, danced, and sang praises as it was drilled. Tamiru said he and his community will do all they can to preserve it, including constructing a fence to protect the water source from roaming cattle.

“I appreciate the donors who took part in solving a problem we have had for many years,’’ Marta said.
Marta and her husband are starting to save money now, something they were never able to do when paying for the treatment of waterborne diseases. With enough money, they’ll purchase another motorcycle to rent to community members.

Have you considered giving up something for Lent?

If it is a monetary item (like a daily or weekly treat from Starbucks, eating out, etc.) we ask you to consider donating that money to our Significant Sacrifice Campaign. What may seem like an insignificant amount of money ($5 a week or day for that Starbucks treat) makes a significant difference in the life and health of an entire village, not only now, but for generations to come. Donations will be collected throughout Lent.

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