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Up next: August 7, 2021 – Jack & Neepa working in South East Asia

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And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

Remember those amazing speakers you heard during the summer of 2019? They’re back!
What to Expect:
  • Inspiring speakers from our “2019 Church Renewal Conference”: mission partners from Lifewater, Ukraine, Romania, Honduras, southern Asia, and now also from Turkey.
  • Challenging presentations about serving in God’s name. Find out how you can serve and reach out alongside our local or global partners!
  • Understanding how the mindset of “Whatever you do…” will help you thrive spiritually.


  • March 6, 2021 – Sean Martin from Lifewater
  • April 3, 2021 – Ramazan Arkan from the Antalya Evangelical Church in Turkey
  • May 1, 2021 – Nita Hanson from God’s Hidden Treasures in Ukraine
  • June 5, 2021 – Dana and Brandi Bates from New Horizon in Romania
  • July 3, 2021 – Orlando and Silvia Japas from Union Biblica in Honduras
  • August 7, 2021 – J & N DV. working in South East Asia

Testimonials from the 2019 Renewal Conference:

“It was amazing knowing and seeing missionaries from all over the world and be able to hear their stories of how they are inspired and touched by God! No lengthy training, just ordinary people saying yes and allowing God to use them right where they are!” 

“One doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles to share the gospel. It can be shared right next door or within our own families. The opportunities are endless if we just avail ourselves.” 

Previous Sessions

Sean Martin from Lifewater

On March 6 we had a zoom call with Sean Martin from Lifewater International. About 20 people from Orchard and various churches participated. Sean discussed community development principles which include the foundational belief that every community has God-given assets. We then come alongside to help them develop those assets with meaningful participation. He both encouraged and challenged us.

Ramazan Arkan from the Antalya Evangelical Church in Turkey

On April 3 we had a zoom call with Ramazan Arkan in Antalya, Turkey who pastors the Antalya Evangelical Churches. About 40 people participated: 15 from Orchard and 25 from various churches, primarily Community Presbyterian. Ramazan discussed the negative stereotypes the Turkish people have of Christians and the difficulty changing those perceptions in order to share the gospel. The social and economic persecution of Christians also hinders evangelism. Commitment to Jesus comes at the cost of being rejected by family, friends, and employers. With limited staff and committed volunteers, Ramazan is intentionally training leaders and reaching out to the community. He asked us to pray for the church’s effectiveness in evangelizing and for the welfare of his people who have been devastated economically from the pandemic. The Global Missions Committee is considering how the Lord would have us partner with him.

Nita Hanson from God’s Hidden Treasures

Nita Hanson of God’s Hidden Treasures (GHT) in Ukraine led the May 1st, 2021 Virtual Renewal Conference session. Nita started by reminding us that “With God, all is possible, but we need to give God permission to use us (Matt 19:26, Is 6:8).” Tonya then shared a beautiful song she’d written with lyrics about God healing like a river and filling us like a waterfall. Nita and part of her team (Valery, Tonya, and Luba) shared that people are meeting Christ because HGT goes into isolated people’s homes to bring relief and a spiritual presence. HGT seeks out people medically isolated by mobility issues, bringing them mobility aids, training, food packets, medical help, and prayer, and then follows up with continued visits and help. Miracles happen as “dead” tissue regains circulation and amputations are avoided. GHT also collects and distributes gleanings from local farmers (fresh produce), feeding 80 people. Once depressed by isolation and hopelessness, many people meet Christ as a result of seeing His love in the GHT volunteers.

Major events include the annual picnic and camp, where hundreds of handicapped are transported to a park and given a hot meal (prepared off-site). The picnic and camp include not just the handicapped, but their families as well. Valery, Tonya, and Luba are planning the picnic. Tonya will be the worship leader, while Luba has tea time and Bible study.  Vadim, their driver, is the main source of transportation, but they also have to hire outside vans. Pray for the planning of these events as GHT will be lacking the American volunteers that often help.

If you want to help pray for and support Nita and our other global mission partners, contact Rich Smith (

Dana Bates – Romania

Dana Bates led the June 5th, 2021 Virtual Renewal Conference session. Between 1997-1999 he started a ropes course in the Jui Valley of Romania, working with an engineer volunteer. He was motivated by a quote “God calls where your deep joy and the world’s great hunger meet,” and a conviction that groups of concerned people could do anything, doing a lot with a little. He also believed that adventure education was ideal for post-communist societies.

A friend challenged him to expand his work with youth year-round, stimulating an interest in service-learning. Service-learning extends Christianity from a belief to a way of life. In 2002-2003 he began service learning with a group of youth in Lupeni from his living room.

Despite government corruption and cultural mistrust in others, the Bates were able to get grants to expand the service-learning clubs from 20 in the Jui Valley to over 200 throughout Romania. IMPACT service learning clubs are now in 30 countries, adopted by World Vision, and the Orthodox Church in Romania as their youth outreach program.

His most recent project is to contribute to developing the Jui Valley as a tourist destination through his love of mountain bikes. Dana undertook professional mountain bike trail building courses in Italy and is now developing mountain bike trails in the region. He is capitalizing on the ski lifts already present from the winter ski resorts and the rapid growth of mountain biking in Europe. This gives local youth something more to do and has earned a lot of local respect.

Brandi has been working on literacy programs after noting that Romanian parents and teachers don’t read aloud to their kids. She is teaching read-aloud skills and building local literature resources.

Orlando Japas – Union Biblica

Orlando Japas led the July 3rd 2021 Virtual Renewal Conference session. Orlando is an Argentine missionary serving with Scripture Union in Honduras (Union Biblica de Honduras, UBH). He started with the observation that the direction in Acts 1:8, to be his witnesses,  is directed to all believers, without differentiating between full-time and part-time ministry workers. There is no room for spectator Christianity. As parts of Christ’s body, we are all necessary. Orlando used Mk 3:13-15, where the disciples are sent out, as an example of full-time workers, but also Lk 8:38-39, where someone is told to return home and share what God has done, as a part-time ministry. There is also no minimum age, as a boy’s lunch was the basis for feeding 5000.

In Eph 6:5-8 we are called slaves of Christ, working for God, not our boss. Jewish culture didn’t differentiate secular and spiritual life or work, that was a Greek separation. All that we do is spiritual, whether work, play, or social media. This is precisely in line with our conference theme, Col 3:17, “do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…” All the world is our mission field and we need all the church, with all its gifts and resources to reach the world.

Prayer requests:

  1. For a good outcome to national elections in Nov. The present government is seen as a major problem now, in dealing with corruption, Covid, and hurricane recovery.

  2. UBH: Economic resources and welfare of its people (staff and volunteers).

  3. Sylvia and Orlando: health, physical, spiritual and emotional strength. Sylvia takes on a lot of emotional burdens from all over the country as she supervises and counsels her staff. Finally, for wisdom in their decision making.

Our Partners

Lifewater, InternationalLifewater International Logo

Sean Martin - Lifewater InternationalSean Martin, MDiv, CFRE is Lifewater’s Regional Director of Donor Relations for the western USA. Lifewater is a Christian clean water nonprofit. For 44 years they have been bringing clean water, improved health, and gospel hope to rural villages and they are currently serving Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Cambodia. Sean previously served as the lead pastor of a Presbyterian church on California’s Central Coast. It was during these years that he became aware of the scale of the water crisis and an advocate for Lifewater’s mission. Sean spent two decades in church ministry before beginning work with Lifewater in 2017. Today, Sean lives in the mountains of Idaho with his wife, Hollyn, and their three kids. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and playing the guitar.


Antalya Evangelical ChurchRamazan Arkan and Antalya Evangelical Church.

Ramazan Arkan - Turkey Mission PartnerRamazan Arkan with the Antalya Evangelical Church in Turkey

A former Muslim, Ramazan is now pastor of Antalya Evangelical Churches in Turkey. After growing up as a devout Muslim, he became disillusioned and turned to atheism and communism. Ramazan accepted a Christian co-worker and friend’s invitation to church, hoping to marry and be able to leave Turkey. God had other ideas and later spoke to Ramazan in the midst of compulsory military service, calling him first to Bible School and then ministry with Antalya Evangelical Churches. Find out more about this remarkable man, how God has used him, and how God can use you.

God’s Hidden TreasuresGods Hidden Treasures

Nita Hanson - God's Hidden TreasureNita Hanson – In 1996 Nita Hanson left her job as Marketing Manager for a computer software firm and answered God’s call to serve in Ukraine. She subsequently founded and is president of God’s Hidden Treasures (GHT), ministering to forgotten and ignored people with disabilities. She has a daughter and 5 grandchildren. She is accompanied by three GHT staff:

Antonina (Tonya) Ivanova has worked for God’s Hidden Treasures for 6 years. She does weekly home visits to shut-ins and people with disabilities. She leads a prayer and healing ministry. Tonya is a worship leader at her church, writing her own Christian worship songs, and has recorded a worship album named “Daddy.” She and her husband also do outreach evangelism to local villages.

Pastor Scott Yount has been serving with God’s Hidden Treasures in Ukraine for five years. He leads summer camps for youth with special needs, visits local orphanages, and is heavily involved with youth ministry. He preaches at the Church of Hope, a congregation founded by God’s Hidden Treasures worshiping at the Cerebral Palsy Center in Bila Tserkva. Scott married a Ukrainian, Lena Yount in 2017. He is a California native, a graduate from Azusa Pacific University and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

Kostya Kysilenko has been a full-time minister of Bila Tserkva Church of Christ since 2002. He has a degree in business administration and is currently getting a graduate degree in theology at Bear Valley Bible Institute. Kostya and his congregation have been involved in various programs and activities of God’s Hidden Treasures for more than 10 years. He is married and has a 14-year-old son.

New Horizons / Reading Together /Bike Missionary Bates: Reading Together Mission in RomaniaBates Bike Missionary Romania

Bates Family - Romania MissionariesDana & Brandi Bates

Dana graduated in philosophy from Gordon College, and in 2005 earned an M-Div from Gordon Conwell Seminary. He recently completed his Ph.D. in the United Kingdom. Dana and his wife, Brandi, founded the first adventure education camp in Romania – VIATA. In 2000, he joined the staff of Young Life and also founded the New Horizons Foundation, launching an experimental educational model for young people. Most recently Dana has been working to diversify local ecotourism to replace the former coal-mining economy through mountain biking. Their newly developed mountain bike course has been chosen for the MTB National Championship in 2019.

Brandi was raised in Santa Ynez, CA, and attended Gordon College (Wenham, MA). With interests in education, sociology, and psychology, she majored in literature. She has been reading aloud to children, lots of children, for 13 years. She currently leads a private children’s library for Jiu Valley families, and one of the country’s leading early literacy movements: Reading Together Romania/ Citim Împreună România.

Dana and Brandi have two wonderful kids, Gabriel and Briana.

Union BiblicaUnion Biblica Honduras Logo Landscape

Orlando and Sylvia Japas - Union Biblica HondurasOrlando and Silvia Japás, Argentinian missionaries to Honduras for 28 years (since 1992). Orlando is the Scripture Union, Honduras, Executive Director while his wife Silvia is the Scripture Union Honduras, National Child, and Youth Development Coordinator. As coordinator, Silvia is involved with many programs focused on youth and family development and the prevention of child abuse. Scripture Union, Honduras, reaches 19 cities, teaching Biblical truths and hope to over 32,000 children per year.

J & N. DV.

J and N were called by God overseas from Orchard Community Church over 25 years ago. They are disciples in South East Asia working through a business they founded, planting churches, teaching adult literacy, and supporting home groups.