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All I Want For Christmas...

The statement, “All I want for Christmas…” is iconic in our culture, maybe even clenched. And at least a part of the reason is that it taps into a truth, into the longing of our hearts. I think many people have lifted prayers to God that began with, “All I want for Christmas…” And those prayers run the gambit. But along the way this phrase runs into the confusion we often have about our wants versus our true needs. With this series, we will seek to walk through the Advent and Christmas seasons focusing on the fact that at Christmas God’s desire is not to fulfill all our wants, but to meet the true needs of our hearts, the greatest of which is Jesus!

Nov 28 - All I Want for Christmas is Hope (Mary)

An angel appeared to Mary with the news that she would bear a child, Jesus the Messiah, God himself, who showed up in this world bringing hope! At Christmas, we have a lot of wants and wishes, but Jesus brings us the hope we really need!

Dec 05 - All I Want for Christmas is Peace (The Shepherds)

An angel appeared to the shepherds with the news that Jesus the Messiah had been born who would bring with Him the gift of peace.  At Christmas, we often want to escape from all the stress of the season and of life in general, but Jesus brings us the true peace we really need!

Communion Sunday

Dec 12 - All I Want for Christmas is Love (Joseph)

An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream with the news that he would have a son, Jesus the Messiah, who would bring with Him the gift of love. At Christmas, our hearts are filled with lots of different desires, but Jesus brings us the Good News of God’s love that we really need!

Dec 19 - All I Want for Christmas is Joy (The Angels)

The angels announce the world changing news that Jesus the Messiah had been born, who would bring with Him the gift of joy.  At Christmas, we seek to be happy, but Jesus brings us something to celebrate, the deep and abiding joy we really need!

Choir Sunday

Dec 24 - All I Want for Christmas is You (Jesus)

At Christmas, we’re often caught up in all the trappings of the season, the “lights,” but God gave us what we really need, the true “light,” Jesus, someone to believe in.

Christmas Eve Service @ 7 pm

This service will be under the tent so we encourage you to dress warmly and bundle up as we experience and celebrate the evening of the birth of Christ! The service will also be live streamed at 7 pm.

Dec 26 - All I Want for Christmas is to See God at Work (Us)

On this Sunday members of Orchard will share stories of how God has been at work in their lives.  There are all kinds of stories in this world, but these are stories we really need to hear!

Jan 02 - All I Want for Christmas is More (The Magi)

The Magi could have stayed home, instead they went seeking after something more to this life and God led them to what they really need, Jesus!  We need to seek after Jesus too, to have him with us and in us!

Epiphany Sunday
Communion Sunday

Matt Hoyt Preaching

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