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Children In Church

People in ChurchWe welcome children in all of our worship services! 

Here are some suggestions for worshipping with young children:

  • Sit near the front so that your child can easily see and feel a part of what is going on.
  • If your child is staying in the worship service you may pick up a clipboard from our Welcome Team following the children’s message.
  • Use a gentle touch: an arm around your child’s shoulder; your hand in his/hers to give reassurance and appropriate attention.
  • Explain quietly the parts of the service.
  • Sing the worship songs, pray and voice the responses. Children learn good behavior in church by copying yours. Encourage your child to stand when everyone else does and to be friendly in greeting others when invited to do so. Introduce your child to the adults sitting nearby and introduce those adults to your child.
  • Let your children know they are loved and welcome at Orchard