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We are grateful for those who give to support our ministries and missions. John 3:16 says, “God loved the world so much that He gave…” We believe that giving is an integral part of our faith journey and acknowledgement that all we have comes from the Lord.

Use any of our 3 easy ways to give:

Give Online

Giving online is safe and easy with Pushpay. Use the link below, download the app, or text orchardventura to (833) 245-8305.

Give with Pushpay

Get the Pushpay® App:

Bank Bill Pay

Your bank most likely offers a bill pay service. Go to your bank’s website and log on to your account. Find the “Bill Pay” tab and set up a one time or recurring payment(s). Your check will be mailed to the church office. Here is our address:

8180 Telephone Rd
Ventura, CA 93004


Make your check payable to “Orchard Community Church” and include it in the offering on Sunday morning or mail it to the church office.

Online Giving FAQ

Why should I choose: Give from a Bank Account?

When you allow your gift to be withdrawn directly from your checking account, the church is only charged a 1% transaction fee. However, when you use your debit/credit card, the church is charged a 3% fee. For every $1,000 given, this is an extra $30 the church never receives. The savings add up!

How do I give to the Thrive Campaign or Deacons?

To designate your gift to a specific fund, choose it from the “Giving Type” choices.  We currently offer the following choices:

  • General Fund
  • Thrive Fund
  • Deacon’s Fund

Can I split my gift to more than one fund?

Although you cannot “split” gifts, you can very easily give multiple gifts designated to different funds.

Can I set up recurring gifts?

Yes!  Select “Yes” when you see “Repeat this gift?”.  You can set up recurring gifts for Monthly,Weekly, Every 2 weeks, or 1st & 15th Monthly.

Is Giving Online Safe?

Yes!  Pushpay uses the latest SSL encryption, is PCI DSS Compliant and has invested in independently tested, bank grade payment infrastructure.

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