Orchard strives to encourage, teach, develop, financially support, and pray for disciples to spread God’s Word.


Orchard is charged with establishing ministries in support of “the widow, the orphan” and the “least of these brothers and sisters of mine”. We are also charged with the responsibility to develop disciples and witness about the Lord's work in our lives. Our endeavor is to find ministries and opportunities to serve that are closely aligned with our Lord’s mandate to serve in both of these capacities.

Global Missions team is an active group that meets on the 4th Thursday evening of each month. Please contact Rich Smith if you would like to visit or participate.


Significant Sacrifice

During the Lenten season, Orchard will be participating in Significant Sacrifice. Significant Sacrifice is an annual fundraising opportunity during the season of Lent, where we can give what we would have spent for coffee or other non-essentials to provide clean water and sanitation in undeveloped communities.
Each week through the Lenten season, a large water bottle will be on the patio where you can put your offerings.  Please make sure to memo your check "SigSac." 

This year's goal: $3,000

Thank you for your generosity!

We collected $4,930.74!!



Seeking to learn from and be inspired by, our international partners


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God's Hidden Treasures
Water For Good
Jack and Neepa
Union Biblica